Dana Hamm

Supermodel Dana Hamm. Fashion and fitness model, prized for her sultry look and beautiful body, cited by popular media as one of the worlds most beautiful women, a Guess jeans model, well known for her curves, and compared to Angelina Jolie and considered as one of the sexiest women alive along with Transformers actress Megan Fox.

Dana, your model celebrity status has landed you in top magazines, tv shows, and movies. You’re a renowned YouTuber and the face of cosmetic companies. You’re believed to be the most photographed fitness model of all time, you have been on the cover of every top fitness magazine numerous times. It is widely known that your likeness was the mold used to create the award-winning MGA Toys “Bratz Doll Dana”. Your look is super-model classic and very sexy. With 2.4 million Instagram followers, you are one of the top and most successful Onlyfans creators world-wide.

Gina: You have a staggering 2.4 million followers on your Instagram account. How long did it take for you to grow your Instagram account to the 1st Million followers?

Dana: Thank you, Gina!  I joined Instagram about a year or so after it launched, but I didn’t start working at my page until around late 2017-2018.  That is when I began posting regularly, figuring out what my audience wanted, and focusing on growth.  There have been so many changes within IG along the way, of course, so you always have to make the best of the moment.     

GIna: Your Onlyfans (OF) is in the top percentage of accounts worldwide. Can you describe your content on Onlyfans and what can future followers expect to see? How lucrative has it been for you? How long have you been on Onlyfans?

Dana: I have been on OnlyFans for a little over 2 years now, and it has been absolutely fantastic for me.  My content is very versatile with a mix of self-made and professional pics & videos.  I keep my page lit all the time!! I update daily. I send out free inbox surprises to every member (pics and vids).  I offer PPV content as well as custom videos.  My membership is well worth the price and I run sales regularly.  I spend a lot of time conversing with my subscribers, which is something extremely rare in the business.  So many OF models have turned over their websites to 3rd party companies to handle, which means it’s just a selling platform with no real one-on-one interaction.  I have kept mine 100% real.  I am the only person running my OnlyFans and it will remain that way. 

Yes, sometimes it is overwhelming trying to answer numerous OF messages daily, but I have created ways to make it possible such as offering VIP memberships for those wanting a lot more of my attention.  Running a successful website is just like any other legitimate profession. There are many tasks to be completed in a day, but luckily I enjoy what I do so much and I love getting to know the men and women that support me. 

Gina: Your figure is the envy of women and gazed upon in disbelief by men.  How do you keep in shape?  What’s a typical day of eating?

Dana: I’m fortunately blessed with good genetics (thanks Mom and Dad) as far as my height and proportions as well as my staying power, but yes I absolutely do stay in the gym and keep my diet clean.  I train 5-6 days per week with resistance machines, free weights, and cardio.  I keep my diet very simple and healthy.  I eat a lot of lean meat and veggies.  I keep an eye on my calories and sugar.  Eating clean for me is a pleasure because when I do eat junk food it tends to make me feel yucky. 

GIna: Looking through your photos on Instagram shows you in striking glamorous exotic locations wearing bikinis, out and about in nature, you seem to love travel and nature. What are your favorite locations and why?

Dana: Yes, before COVID-19 I did A LOT of traveling and shooting on location.  It was a part of my lifestyle to go somewhere each month.  As a diver, I seek out places where I can enjoy epic ocean adventures, so I love Hawaii, The Exumas (Bahamas), and parts of Mexico such as the Sea of Cortez.  I love swimming with sharks and having close encounters with Whales.  

In addition, many people know me for my 15+ years of photo-shoots with exotic animals by photographer Scott Schisler.  I’ve been photographed with Grizzly Bears, Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Wolves, and many other species.  Sometimes it’s easier to name the animals I have not worked with, lol.  So, yes it’s fair to say I’m a rough-n-tough country girl and I love incorporating nature and wildlife into my photos when the opportunity presents itself. 

Gina: This year you went viral in a video of yourself in a sexy one-piece, caressing/touching a huge alligator. In fact, many wild photos of you with dangerous animals including Sharks all photographed against beautiful natural habitats all while looking incredibly beautiful dressed in revealing outfits. Obviously you love nature and animals. Do you consider yourself a conservationist/protector of wildlife and why? 

Dana: Ha Ha!  Yes, the video of me massaging the massive alligator received over 11 million views on Twitter.  To answer your question I do have great respect and love for the natural world, animals as well as the environment.  I grew up in the south on a small horse ranch and we had lots of critters all the time.  Being outdoors with my animals was my world.  I was taught to respect and appreciate ALL animals — not just the cute fuzzy ones.  Protecting wildlife starts with the individual, anyone can make a positive difference with small conscious actions.  My property is a wildlife sanctuary.  At any given time I can look out my windows and see Whitetail Deer, turkey, rabbits, chipmunks, and tons of birds.  I love it, it’s like a Disney movie going on around me all the time, lol. 

Gina: What do you most like about yourself ?

Dana: I’ve always been very grounded and intelligent.  Never been into drugs/drinking.  Never felt the need to “fit in” with what everyone else is doing.  I’m definitely not typical.  Even when it comes to material things and possessions, I march to the beat of my own drum.  I drive a Dodge Ram truck and live on 17 acres in a big log home in the Midwest.  In many ways, I am the opposite of what people would assume I’d be like based on my image alone. 

Gina: What do you dislike about yourself ?

Dana: I dislike that I am a perfectionist.  I can over-analyze things sometimes, which causes anxiety.  I get very uptight about silly things sometimes like being 15 mins early everywhere I go.  

GIna: Besides looking like you should be a future Bond girl You have been in a few movies, 2010 action girls, 2015 Makedetto Taipan, 2018 Trouble is my business and tv shows Brides of Beverley hills as well as being a renown YouTuber in the United States. Do you have any other interesting projects on the horizon in the near future?

Dana: Now my projects are doing things I want to do under my brand for my OnlyFans, and in my opinion this is the way it should be.  Now models and social influencers can do things they know their fans wanna see, and in the process make far more money doing it that way.  There’s nothing wrong with going the Hollywood route, it can be fun, but if you’re as independent as I am working for yourself always feels right.       

Gina: Recently you made it into Bustin Babes on the front cover and appeared as the February feature, plus a centerfold poster in the new 2021 calendar. Have you or will you ever put out your own calendar?

Dana: Yes, that is correct and I was honored to be chosen for the cover of Bustin Babes 2021 Calendar.  To answer your question yes I have had my own calendar before.  I have been considering putting out my own calendar next year, but we’ll see.  It’s the digital age, so calendars don’t sell like they used to, but sometimes it’s not so much about the money, but more about documenting great images!  There are many fans that still appreciate and want a tangible printed product.                

Gina: You have been working in the modeling industry a long time almost 20 years, way before Instagram and social media, you still look basically the same. Are you finding this new social media age better for you in terms of success compared with say  10 years ago?

Dana: Absolutely!  Soooo much has changed!  It’s really amazing.  I entered into my career as a fitness model and at that time you had to be the real deal.  Magazines printed raw pictures.  There was very little if any retouching.  Plastic surgery/enhancements were extremely limited.  Models were expected to be somewhat flawless in real life; tall, thin, well-built according to the Barbie Doll standard.  There was A LOT of pressure to be “perfect”.  Models had to rely on agents to get work, and you had to work hard just to get a decent agent.  Every step of the process was so challenging.  

Nowadays, women of all shapes and sizes can call themselves Instagram models and have adoring followers, and even make a good living.  It puts the power back in the hands of the talent.  It’s a wonderful & liberating thing for women!  The fashion industry is no longer able to decide for us what is and isn’t sexy and beautiful (and healthy).  We now decide for ourselves.  Social media gives everyone a voice, and it’s a very powerful one!                     

Thanks so much for your time Dana on Get naked with Gina. I am honoured by the interview, you are truly an inspiration to so many women. Keep on being you, all the best.

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