Renee Gracie

August 9, 2020 – Gold Coast

She’s one of the most successful Australians on Onlyfans, earning six figures a month on the platform! Former race car driver turned porn star, Renee Gracie!

Gina: Nice to meet you Renee, your story is inspiring for many girls, from female racing car driver to a top model on Onlyfans. I’m happy and excited to include you as part of my new series on top Onlyfans creators worldwide. Onlyfans is a fascinating new way to create and sell content for anyone from Instagram influencers to celebrities. Anyone can create an account and offer a subscription service to gain followers and sell photos, videos, music etc.

You are in the top 0.01% of Onlyfans creators worldwide it’s quite an achievement and right up there with the best of them. You recently went viral in the world press and have been overwhelmed with new subscribers even though you were doing extremely well before the media.

Renee: Thanks Gina you are such a role model and an inspiration, I have watched you in the news media with your philanthropy and donations to the Australian bushfires, as well as your support for other women and I’m excited to be featured as your first interview.

Gina: Aww thanks Renee! So, let’s start with the interview.

What is your full name, age, where are you from and can you tell me exactly what it is you do?

Renee: Renee Gracie, 25 years old. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I’m currently a full-time content creator and I have just started an online website called 4playHub.

Gina: Can you please give me some details on your Instagram account (when you launched it, why, how much success you’ve had) and 4playhub – again why you joined it, how much success you’ve had with it etc.

Renee: I started Instagram in about 2015 maybe? I started it when I was racing go karts and then when I moved into car racing. It was mainly used for my fans to follow my racing with pictures and then once I stopped it became personal.

I started 4PlayHub last month myself. I felt there was a demand for girls to promote their pages. It’s been great so far. We have hundreds of creators on there and one of the top Onlyfans influencers of course yourself Gina Stewart the world’s hottest grandma, also hundreds actively searching. It’s gone better than expected and hopefully keeps growing.

Gina: Can you tell me about your racing car career and why you made the switch into porn? What made you decide to do this and what did your family and friends think about this career change?

Renee: I raced from the age of 12 in go karts and moved up to the professional level. I stopped a few years ago now. For many reasons, it was hard to get funding, and I was also having issues with my manager. I started to lose my passion for it as it was just getting so hard to achieve, especially for a female.

Three years after I stopped racing, I started my Onlyfans. I did it as I was getting lots of people asking me to make an account. My Instagram was teaser photos in bikinis and stuff like that anyways so I though why not? I was showing it all anyway so why not make people pay me for it. And it was best thing I ever did.

Family and friends are all supportive of what it is I do, it’s legal, I met a demand, I make bloody good money and I’m smart with my money. I’ve set myself up for life. Who wouldn’t support that?

Gina: Are you happier now that you’re doing porn in a new career than you were when you were racing cars?

Renee: Absolutely. I love what I do now. I never thought I’d do it. I’ve never been overly confident and to be honest I’m still not. When I raced, I got slammed for my looks and appearance, my weight and so on. To this day it still affects me. But the thing I love about Onlyfans is that it’s just people who support me and like me for who I am that join. It’s a relatively safe place and that’s why I like about it. Any nasty people I can remove. But I take their money anyways so it’s a win.

Gina: What is your favourite memory about being a racing car driver and what is the worst?

Renee: To be honest it was so long ago now I don’t remember much. I think the thing that I loved about it and am grateful for was the travel. I got to see a lot of Australia all by the time I was 20. So, I am very grateful for that. And I had lots of highs and lows, but I honestly don’t have a bad memory. Good or bad I was happy it all happened.

Gina: What is the best thing about doing porn and what is the worst?

Renee: Best thing would be I get paid to do what everyone’s doing. And a crazy amount. Bad? Nothing really. Maybe that my stuff gets leaked, but I get paid for that too now.

Gina: Did you receive any overwhelmingly positive messages from fans when you left racing car driving to start a porn career?

Renee: It was actually a lot of my fans that were asking me to start Onlyfans. Because I stopped racing a few years ago, a lot of my loyal fans stayed and supported me no matter what I did. So, 3…4 years later they were asking me to do it and I wanted to make them happy, so I did it. The response was amazing. I had over 1000 fans sign up within 24hours.

Gina: Did you receive any overwhelmingly negative messages from fans when you left racing car driving to start a porn career?

Renee: I don’t look for negativity. I had lots of people asking why. And had a few people say things here and there but I don’t really read into it.

Gina: How much do you earn now approximately?

Renee: I was averaging about $70,000USD a month up until recently when I got a lot of media attention and I had a few stories go viral. I know the figures but let’s just say I made half a mill in the month of June!

Gina: How much did you earn before launching your porn career?

Renee: Before I started Onlyfans I was in car sales and a few other things where my yearly wage was anywhere from $60,000 to $80,000 Australian.

Gina: What are some of the best comments you receive on Instagram?

Renee: Jus that they will support me no matter what.

Gina: What are some of the worst comments you have received?

Renee: I’ve had people to tell me to kill myself a few times.

Gina: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you on Instagram or requested from you on Onlyfans?

Renee: Where do I start? The most requested is a video moaning their name. I’ve had someone want to pay me $10,000 to come and pee on them.

Gina: What was your upbringing and background like?

Renee: Good, easy life, always lived in nice houses, went to a private school. We weren’t rich but comfortable enough.

Gina: Are you dating anyone currently? If so, how do they feel about your porn career? If you are single, are you actively dating? Have you had any weird messages from guys or have any celebrities slid into your DM’s?

Renee: I was single for a long time and did not date. I hate dating, and I’m straight and went through a stage where I couldn’t stand men and women aren’t my thing. So, I stayed single and just hung out with friends.

I am currently seeing someone; he appears in my videos and I pay him a costar fee so he’s totally fine with what I do.

Gina: If there is anything else, you’d like to add, feel is relevant, or would make for an interesting story, please feel free to add in as much detail as possible.

Renee: This is an exclusive secret that I haven’t shared with anyone else yet. I just recently had surgery! A BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) I went for surgery on July 15th and am now over 3 weeks post opp and can finally start to share my new body with my fans. It’s not perfect yet, the skin’s still healing and bruised, some scars and marks also but you can start to see my new shape! Can’t wait to share more progress pictures and I will be having my first photoshoot really soon.

My Onlyfans will be the first to see new content with my new body. Yeah so happy with it. Still, my butt will drop and change a bit more once the fat is grafted and settled. But don’t get that until 6/7 weeks. So I got lipo on my abdomen, lower back, and inner thighs. And that fat was transferred to my hip and butt. That’s what I went for. A Kim. K and Kylie look. Happy so far

Gina: You look amazing, how do you feel after the operation?

Renee: The first week was hard but I feel fine now.

Gina: Are you happy with the results?

Renee: I love it haha! I don’t get a lot of work, but I’m getting my boobs re-done in December, they are due for an update after 7 years!

Gina: At least you got into surgery at a time when it’s difficult because of Corona virus.

Renee: Yeah, I booked in February. That’s how long it took to get in.

That’s all really, just that all my XXX content appears on my Onlyfans and I now have a page on Pornhub where people can see the same content.

Gina: Thanks Renee. It’s great to have such an insight into your life and I’m sure others will love hearing your story. I will follow up with you again in the near future. All the best with everything.

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